Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snapshots of Mental Illness: An Introduction

This will begin a series on individual mental illness. This series could include what it is like to have, current research on, and reflection on common perceptions about each mental illness. These posts will be vignettes rather than comprehensive definitions. The goal will be to offer snapshots into the life of those with mental illness in order to express the various facets of these complicated disorders.  

Disclaimer: I am more familiar with some mental illnesses than others. For example I would say I know depression intimately while my knowledge of schizophrenia is theoretical at best. While I will attempt to give a voice to each mental illness there I am limited by my experience and hence coverage will reflect that. Each mental illness is equally worth understanding and I encourage those who feel like a mental illness is not being well represented to share their experiences and/or voice their desires to understand more. I would be happy to do research and share my findings. 

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